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Welcome To Kingspan Century

Kingspan Century is the leading provider of off-site construction and Engineered Timber Systems, offering a range of highly insulated and air tight structural systems, with the capacity not only to exceed the ever increasing regulatoryrequirements but the potential to deliver Zero Carbon Buildings.

Manufactured under a strict quality controlled production environment, our systems incorporate only the highest quality certified materials and provide the highest level of product certification. Kingspan Century’s extensive experience in the design, manufacture and erection of Engineered Timber Systems for developers, contractors and self-builders across both the residential and commercial building sectors, have placed us at the forefront of delivering holistic, environmentally sustainable solutions with lifetime low energy demand and low CO2 emissions.

Self Build

Kingspan Century is the market leader in self build housing and offers a complete and comprehensive support service. Our reputation is peerless with expertise that has been built up over many years helping thousands of self builders fulfil their dreams.

Kingspan Century recognises that the requirements of the self-builder are different to those of the larger developer, so much so that we have a specialist business unit ‘Kingspan House’ to deal with our Self Build customers in the delivery Individual bespoke solutions for both new build and extensions.

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‘Revision on Building Control Regulations’

The Building Control Regulations have now been revised (effective from the 1st September), to allow the owners of a single dwelling, on a single development unit, or a proposed domestic extension, to opt out of the general requirement to have the dwelling/extension designed, inspected and certified by a registered construction professional. The differences between the statutory certification process and the alternative process now available to owners of single dwellings and domestic extensions is summarised in the following table:


An Information Note for Owners of new dwellings and extensions who opt out of Statutory Certification for building control purposes can be downloaded using the following link:,42563,en.pdf